Guides & Forms
1. A Guide for Leaders - Leading Walks
2. Attendance Form Assisted
3. Attendance Form Child
4. Attendance Form Members
5. Attendance Form Temporary Members
6. COVID-19 Walk and Holiday Protocol
7. Emergency Contact Form
8. Incident Report Form
9. National Public Toilet Map An aid which may help you in planning your walk
10. SIX Maps An online mapping tool maintained by NSW Government Spatial Services. For more info, see Bushwalking NSW Newsletter May 2015.
11. Walks a to z (Word) (PDF)
12. Walks submission sheet (Word) (PDF) Only use the PDF version if you are unable to access the Word document. This may be the case for some Mac/other Apple device users. If you have trouble with both versions, email the text to the Walks Co-ordinator:
13. Ramblers Mapped Walks Collection To access the Ramblers Mapped Walks Collection, go to the Mapped Walks page. For access to the Mapped Walks page (Walk Leaders only), apply to the Walks Coordinator for the username and password. Important: Remember to press Logout when you are finished accessing the Mapped Walks page.

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